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Organic products

Organic products All the products commercialised by Pedro Pérez are also certified organic as they are obtained using certified organic carob. The format in which these products are sold is the same as our

The finest and purest kibbled carob

The finest and purest kibbled carob PEDRO PÉREZ has introduced the latest technology in its production line and included a new system for removing impurities, thus obtaining a totally clean top quality final product, unique

Carob Campaign 2013-14

Carob Campaign 2013-14 The current 2013-2014 campaign is over, with the stocks of prime materials from cooperatives and farmers now used up. However, at Pedro Pérez, we have prime materials sored in our warehouses to

New Carob´s products

New Carob´s products In response to the new needs of the market and of our clients, we have developed a range of new products with a granulometry of< 2 mm and< 1 mm. This granulometry

Sustainability and organic crops

Sustainability and organic crops Our company is collaborating with different associations that are developing new varieties of carob that are more resistant to diseases and drought, and from which we are hoping to achieve even