PPM has developed an exclusive industrial process, using a pioneering technology that can guarantee products of a defined granulometry, extremely high purity and the very finest quality:

Reception and storage

Once the carobs have been collected and received, and following inspection, they are transferred to the corresponding warehouses. The inspection process is of utmost importance, because at PPM, we only process whole carobs of exceptional quality.

This storage is conducted with extreme caution, taking care not to crush the carobs and ensuring that they are conserved in the adequate conditions, undertaking all of the pertinent controls and actions to prevent infestation by pests, contact with undesirable animals, deterioration due to dampness, or any other factor that could reduce the quality of our products.

Grinding and cleaning

The process begins when the carobs are tipped into a chute using a power shovel and land on a conveyor belt that transports them to the top of the mill. At this point, they pass through a cleaning process that removes any impurities that they might be carrying (soil, stones, sticks, metal, plastic, etc.). After this first filter, they land in the mill, where they are ground.

Winnowing photo of grinding

From the mill, the product passes through a series of elevators to the distributor, which classifies the product in accordance with the required kibble size. It then goes through more filters and cleaning systems that eliminate any remaining unwanted elements to further improve the quality of the end product.

Packaging photo of storage

Any of the carob products obtained through this process can be sold in bulk or in 20-25 kg paper sacks, in 1,000 kg Big-Bags, or in other forms of packaging depending on requirements.

The packaging process involves a weighting-packaging machine that is fed from the input chute via a conveyor belt. The finished sacks are issued independently or on pallets. If on pallets, they are strapped and then sealed.

...The result is a natural product of a defined granulometry, high purity and excellent quality that conserves all of its nutritional properties.