PEDRO PÉREZ  es una industria agroalimentaria adherida, que cumple el DECÁLOGO DE SOSTENIBILIDAD INTEGRAL de la industria agroalimentaria elaborado por el Ministerio de Agricultura y Pesca, Alimentación y Medioambiente (MAPAMA) de España.


Sustainability declaration of Pedro Pérez

Pedro Pérez has always been concerned with the environment and with a sustainable development. The company is completely committed to fulfilling all current regulations in environmental matter and also worried about the environmental and social impact that its activity has in the region both at a local and global level;

  • Environmental focus: carob cultivation is an environmental friendly practice; carob trees present a very high fixation of carbon dioxide, and play an important role in climate change mitigation. They are fire and drought resistant and beneficial for the biodiversity of the region.
  • Social and economical focus: carob cultivation is a viable livelihood for farmers in our region.

We are conscious about the important role that our activity plays in the environment, as well as in the social and economical aspects of the region. We consider it relevant to support and promote the cultivation of the carob tree, in order to strengthen our relationship with the farmers and agricultural cooperatives that work with us. Thus our corporative strategy is based on sustainable management principles, with specific targets which are periodically reviewed and updated considering the internal and financial resources of the company at each time.

Our sustainable management principles are described in our “Environmental and social sustainability Document” which is available for anybody who is interested in it. If you’d like to receive this document, please contact us via email or phone.

phone: +34961660152