Welcome Pedro Pérez Martínez S.L.U

Founded in 1963, Pedro Pérez is a family company dedicated to the carob industry. At Pedro Pérez, carobs are our passion and the only market we work in, so therefore all of our efforts are put into looking after the proper conservation of this fruit, and ensuring that our products meet our customers’ high expectations.

The experience that we have acquired over all these years has brought us right up to the present. We are continually focused in the promotion and improvement of the carob tree and its crop.

Our close and personal relationship with farmers and dealers help us being supplied with only high quality carob pods.  Due to this issue we are able to produce unique products which will fully satisfy our customers needs. Once the carob pods are received in our warehouse several controls are carried out to ensure that the required standards are fulfilled and that only  high quality goods are processed.

The Pedro Pérez production process is especially meticulous, whereby the products are generated using the sector’s most advanced and innovative machinery and technology, and by a highly qualified team of professionals. Thanks to the knowledge we have been acquiring ever since the company was founded, we are able to create unique products of exceptional quality that are at the forefront of the carob market.

Our investments from 2000 onwards in technology, machinery and innovation, as well the obtainment of quality, environmental and food safety certifications, have helped to position us a leading company in the carob industry and have led to major growth, consolidation and international expansion.

To ensure the future of Pedro Pérez, the management is constantly looking to improve, renovate and constant modernise our facilities, our systems, and our human and technological resources.

We process like nobody else, NATURALLY.

Compromisos adquiridos – sostenibilidad

El crecimiento de Pedro Pérez persigue la sostenibilidad del cultivo, potenciando las economías rurales de las zonas en las que desarrollamos nuestra actividad, y procurando integrar la sostenibilidad en la gestión de todos los procesos de la empresa. Porque solo tenemos un planeta, reconocemos nuestra responsabilidad y buscamos minimizar el impacto medioambiental de todas nuestras actividades. El crecimiento económico de Pedro Pérez no va ligado a un mayor impacto ambiental, sino a una mejora de la eficiencia y a la busqueda de la sostenibilidad como base de nuestras actividades.