Our history: Pedro Pérez Martínez S.L.U

It was in 1963 that Pedro Pérez Martínez, with his typical entrepreneurial spirit, decided to buy a small workshop to kibble carob in his hometown of Bugarra. Back then, the carob was basically sold for animal fodder in the local market. Over the years, its consumption has expanded into the national market and abroad.

The company PEDRO PÉREZ MARTÍNEZ, S.L. was founded in 1980 and since then it has worked in the production of kibbled carob and carob seeds, becoming very popular in the province of Valencia due to its close relationship with farmers and dealers, who had been selling their harvests to PEDRO PÉREZ’s workshop for many years.

In the recent years, new applications of kibbled carob and carob kernels came up, and this issue encouraged the company to update its industrial process in order to obtain a top quality product. This modernisation was completely necessary because the industry was working with old-fashioned machinery and at a low production capacity rate.

To solve the situation, PEDRO PÉREZ made an important investment and is now a modern, functional and sustainable industry with the required capacity to process carob pods using the most appropriate technological systems. As a result it is offering a top quality product, which has helped the expansion of the company itself and of the farmers which supply the carob pods.

…. Our company’s concern is to give the carob all the care it deserves, conserving its natural richness…