Quality, food safety and environmental policy

At Pedro Pérez we produce and commercialise carob products. Our fundamental goal is to develop products of the highest quality, with a commitment to fulfilling all applicable legal requirements and those of our customers whilst ensuring the production of safe and edible food products. Our work is respectful of the environment and oriented towards customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The basic principles of the PEDRO PÉREZ Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Policy are:

  1. To offer carob products that are unique for their quality, in keeping with our customers’ needs and creating them in accordance with their requirements, exceeding their expectations and putting their wishes first in order to provide them with the quality they expect of us and to set ourselves apart from our competitors.
  2. To guarantee the safety of our carob products, fulfilling all legal and regulatory requirements as well as our customers’ needs, in partnership with leading technological institutions.
  3. To ensure the trust of our customers in terms of production and technical capacity, management and flexibility in the face of change and reliability of our products.
  4. To maintain active and fluid communication with our customers, suppliers and other interested parties, both internal and external, to favour continuous improvement of our management system through communication and clarifications provided.
  5. To promote collaboration with our suppliers, with an aim to ensuring safety of raw materials and ensure their supply.
  6. To make use of modern and cutting-edge facilities and equipment ensuring that all adopted technological measures and advances address trends in new carob markets, issues that affect our customers, compliance with regulatory requirements and the improvement of our processes.
  7. To provide resources and improve processes with appropriate and justifiable investments, whilst protecting prior investments.
  8. To maintain our commitment to the prevention of pollution across all levels of our organisation. And to develop a responsible corporate sustainability strategy.
  9. To ensure the qualifications of our team members and their suitability to the duties they perform, in order to develop best practices in quality, food safety and the environment. We believe that team work will guarantee and build upon our quality, as well as help us work towards the sustainability of our products.
  10. We like to anticipate errors and develop effective control processes that will eliminate them and prevent them from being passed on to our customers.

To ensure success in the above Policy, the Management has established quality, food safety and environmental objectives, implementing measures that will help achieve them. These measures are periodically reviewed, and their results are reported both internally and externally. The company accepts responsibility for its obligations and seeks the support and participation of all the members of the organisation, with an aim to establishing and maintaining the Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Management System up-to-date. This in turn guarantees customer satisfaction and protects the environment from any potential environmental impacts that may arise from our company’s business activity.