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PEDRO PÉREZ on À Punt, Valencian regional television

Carob, a booming crop Carob has originally been intended for animal feed but is now considered a new superfood in human consumption. This fact has encouraged the development of new carob plantations with highly productive

Evolution of the current campaign 2015-2016.

Evolution of the current campaign 2015-2016. After last season, which as discussed in the previous newsletter, was one of the best in recent years, the CURRENT campaign has been as expected, very short, and with

Specialized in exclusive particle sizes

Specialized in exclusive particle sizes. We offer the widest range of sizes for kibbled carob, with products going from 1 mm to 12 mm particle size. Our specialty.   NO COMPANY IN THE MARKET has such

Organic products

Organic products All the products commercialised by Pedro Pérez are also certified organic as they are obtained using certified organic carob. The format in which these products are sold is the same as our