Development of new seedlings and modernization of carob plantations

Currently, the expansion of the carob crop worldwide is going through a difficult situation. This crop is grown in traditional old properties, not mechanized, harvested by hand and with very low productions. Additionally there is no plant material or seedlings available for the developing of new plantations of this crop.

This is why PEDRO PÉREZ MARTÍNEZ SLU is promoting a project that aims to encourage the cultivation of the carob tree. The target of this project is to obtain new seedlings through the selection of carob varieties with good carob seed yield and good carob pulp quality (high sugar content, etc.).

With the new plant material available, it is intended to extend the cultivation of the carob crop, developing new varieties with standardized properties which will allow farmers to move forward the start of production of the plant, compared to the other traditional varieties.

This will provide the traditional fruit with added value, improving its commercialization and processing within the industry.