Carob Campaign 2016-2017

The 2016-2017 campaign started this year in August in the region of Valencia, Castellón and Alicante, and was completed in October. In Catalonia, as usual, the campaign began later, and has not yet concluded. In this region 40% of carob pods are still to be harvested, and the heavy rains of November and December will significantly affect the quality of the product.

The harvest forecasts have not been fulfilled. The crop production will probably exceed the one of campaign 2015-2016, but will not be as important as it was initially expected.

Pedro Pérez has enough production capacity to meet the demands of our clients offering a quality product all throughout the campaign.

The high rainfall recorded in October and November will surely deteriorate the quality of the carob pods that have not been harvested yet, especially in the region of Catalonia (Tarragona). In these areas, the moisture of the product is reaching values over 24%, which are unacceptable and will result in the development of pests and negatively alter the microbiological parameters of the product.

Pedro Pérez is focused in offering its customers a best quality product, so a strict moisture control is carried out in all the raw material received, rejecting products with high moisture content.