Pedro Pérez committed to sustainability

We are located in a rural area close to farmers; this fact strengthens the relationship between Pedro Pérez and its suppliers and helps us promote the projects in which we are currently involved in all social, economical and environmental fields.

One of our main targets is to encourage the cultivation of carob tree among the farmers and agricultural cooperatives in our region. We cooperate actively in the promotion of the carob crop; we are members of business associations which support the product and take part in R&D projects which study the crop.

At the environmental level, the carob tree has a large CO2 fixation capacity and plays an important role in mitigating climate change. It is considered an environmental friendly crop.

In the social sphere, our activity helps rural development and supports the local economy, becoming a source of income to all the farmers who grow this crop.
The activity of Pedro Pérez is carried out in a sustainable way in all environmental, social and economic dimensions.

In addition, our aim is to disclose that carob contains functional and bioactive components, which are especially beneficial for human health.

Our sustainable management principles are described in our “Environmental and social sustainability Document” which is available for anybody who is interested in it. If you’d like to receive this document, please contact us.